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How can I include Blatdll.h when using Blat?

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I use blat.dll from the free mailer http://www.blat.net - but it turns Unicode characters in my body, etc. to Gibberish.

Here's what I currently do:

DllCall("blat.dll,"int","Send","str", "list of Blat parameters...")

Can you please tell me how to also employ the file blatdll.h?

[+] Converted the source code to use Unicode throughout. As a result, I
added both MBCS and Unicode interfaces for the .DLL. Developers will need
to adapt or include blatdll.h into their projects so they can call the .DLL
properly. Blatdll.h is included in the release package.


One issue that developers using Blat.dll will need to be aware of is that I
created blatdll.h for this project. This blatdll.h file should be included into
your source files, or adapted to your source files as necessary, because it
identifies the Unicode versus MBCS entry points in blat.dll. Blat.dll supports
both Unicode strings and MBCS strings, depending on which entry point is called.
Just as in C there are functions like _tcslen() that is defined as wcslen() or
strlen(), depending on Unicode or MBCS respectively, there are now similar macro
names for the blat.dll entry points.

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