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Windows Explorer

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I am new to AutoIt and am having an issue with opening windows explorer to a specific network folder location.

I did do some seatching on the forums and I found the following:

Run("explorer.exe" & "c:windows")

However this doesn't even work for me, and it isn't even a network location.


What I am ultimatly trying to accomplish is:

1. Open several explorer windows to different folder locations

2. Move each explorer session to different locations on the screen.

3. Do some folder serching in each session (same base search in each).

4. Select the results in the session

5. Change the file attribute to "read only"

6. Close each folder when completed.

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You are simply missing the space between "explorer.exe" and "C:Windows"

$sOpenFolder = "C:\Windows"
Run("explorer.exe" & ' "' & $sOpenFolder & '"')

That being said, all of the steps you listed can be done without opening eplorer windows.  You can do the searching in the background and change the read only flag in the background.

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Thanks for the help, I knew it had to be something overly simple and stupid I was doing wrong.

And yes at some point I will make this into a background process. But for now I want to verify my process.

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