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Seeking reason why one transparent GIF works GuiCtrlCreatePic but another doesn't

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I found the following code in a forum post by newbiescripter, which displays a transparent gif "crosshair".

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

$x = @DesktopWidth/2 - 13/2
$y = @DesktopHeight/2 - 13/2



It works great... with the gif file included in newbiescripter's post. I was able to modify the gif in CS6 for my needs but I'm really curious why another gif that I created from scratch in CS6 does not display with transparency in the same script. (I know how to create transparent gifs, and mine opens in CS6 with transparency intact.) I'm probably just knackered from long hours but I give up and submit my question here despite the probability of embarrassment. 

See attached. "Crosshair.gif" is the one that works. "Target.gif" is the one that doesn't. "Target.psd" is the original PSD file. (oops, not allowed)



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Did you set correct height and weight for your picture?


Actually, I want the crosshairs to be smaller than the original so I changed my version of the code to 13 (see multiple occurrences) from the original value of 68. It shrinks the crosshair.gif file perfectly.  My target.gif is 8-bit just like crosshair.gif is.

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Use GDI+. Example here:




Thank you for replying, UEZ, but what are the advantages of GDI+ over what newbiescripter used?

I'm trying to figure out why my gif's transparency won't play when the original gif's transparency will.

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Image handling via GDI+ is much better than using the built-in stuff. Why are built-in functions not working for some image formats properly? I don't know.



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