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Admin Tools (Remote client control) Bypasing firewall

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Where does the vnc repeater come in to play, I havent set anything up other than what was in the RAR file.

Thanks for the code, It will be exactly waht I needed if I can get 


, or use the one that the creator sat up(dont know if he has it running all time?)

.U need to create the DB and import the included SQL file.

Its pretty bacic, the client check into the database every 5-10 sec looking for things to do.

When u connect with admin part and take control u insert a command to the client to connect to hes VNCRepater and at the same time trigger a vncviewer on admin side.

or you do like me and set up your own VNCRepater from www.uvnc.com

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ive been working at swedish and global companys and never ever herd of what u claim? Been working on Ericsson,VolvoIT,Swedish goverment,VMDATA, in CERN and so on. All is useing some kind of remoteco

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