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Need to find name of input tag

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I currently have TD objects returned by the _IETagnameGetCollection

$oTable = _IETableGetCollection($oIE, 1) ; select first table, index 0
$oTR = _IETagnameGetCollection($oTable, "TR")
$oTRs = _IETagnameGetCollection($oTable, "TR")
$oTD = _IETagnameGetCollection($oTR, "TD")
For $oTR In $oTRs
   $oTDs = _IETagnameGetCollection($oTR, "TD")
    For $oTD in $oTDs
       If $var1=1 Then
          $oInput = _IETagnameGetCollection($oTD, "Input") ;WRONG
          $InputName=$oInput.name ;Wrong
_IEFormElementSetValue($InputName, "222")


what im trying to do is find the Input tag name in the current TD so i can set the value. Where have i gone wrong?

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