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Creating a Program

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Hi all,

I've been using AutoIt for a while now and have typically just double clicked on .au3 files to open them or I compile them to .exe files.

Most of my programming as been web based automation for work.

I figured out a solution to a common problem with Adobe Photoshop. (I created an automation to rotate the brush degree)

I would like to package this out to give out to other users.

Do other PC users need to have AutoIt installed on their computer if I compile an .exe file?

Also I have another question.

Is this something I should sell?

If I did I would gladly donate some of the profit to this site, but should I just give this out as good will, or maybe sell it for a dollar.

I think for any professional digital painter the $1.00 would easily offset production lag.

The other option i was thinking was to just set something up like AutoIt has it and have a donation box on part of my site.

I am all new to this so any and all feedback is appreciated.

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If you have created something truly marketable, you must test on many versions of Photoshop and on the operating systems that could be running it. Remember that Photoshop is a professional tool and users will use it intensely and will not be happy if it's not reliable and predictable.

Also, you may want to research the legality of offering a tool that works with a company's proprietary software. I don't know anything about this subject, but if it were me, I'd do my best to keep a giant corporation like Adobe off my back.

Good luck...

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