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Text Form to create a textlogging form

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If you're using an INI file, use INI functions. Why are you using FileReadLine?

IniRead("filename", "section", "key", "default")

...as in...

$commands = IniRead("ini.ini", "Commands", "Commands", "#ERROR")
If $commands = "#ERROR" Then
    ...do something...
GUICtrlSetData($edit, StringReplace($commands, ";", @CRLF))

The question is: is your INI file a true INI file or just a plaintext file with a list of commands? If it's the latter, is the entire file what you want in the edit box? If so:

$filename = "ini.ini"
GUICtrlSetData($edit, FileRead($filename, FileGetSize($filename)))

My UDFs: ExitCodes

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