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Get Cursor Position in Rich Edit

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I hope this is all you need:

Local $cPos = _GUICtrlRichEdit_GetSel($Edit)
   $cPos = _GUICtrlRichEdit_GetCharPosFromXY($Edit, $cPos[0], $cPos[1])
If there are questions left, feel free to ask!^^


PS: This code works for me, except the part that doesn't work! I mean I get no errors... But it doesn't work as it should.



Your problem is right there on lines 9 and 10 of the script you posted.


You find the caret position on line 9.  $cPos is given an array that contains the inter-character positions at the start and end of the selection.  If no text is selected, then both elements of the array are the same.  That part works just fine, I guarantee it.


Then on line 10, you break it.  You pass the array elements into _GUICtrlRichEdit_GetCharPosFromXY.  It's supposed to take a control handle, but you gave it a control ID.  Big difference.  It's supposed to take x- and y-coordinate values, but you gave it the inter-character positions instead.  No wonder you get nothing back from it.  All 3 parameters were invalid.  o_O

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