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    • By water
      This is the modified version of MrCreatoR's "Simple Library Docs Generator".
      It allows to create CHM help files that look like the AutoIt help file.
      In additon this CHM files can then be used with Advanced.Help.
      This a very early alpha version - so it is miles away from being perfect. It's just something for you to play with.
      The documentation is in the making and will be published as soon as possible.
      BTW: If you like this UDF please click the "I like this" button. This tells me where to next put my development effort
    • By seadoggie01
      I went to go edit my Au3Check parameters today, opened the SciTE4AutoIt3 helpfile to review the options, and could only find this:
      #AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters= ;Au3Check parameters...see SciTE4AutoIt3 Helpfile for options Am I missing them elsewhere in the helpfile, or is this a circular reference?  (My helpfile was last updated in the history on 23-3-2021)
    • By water
      Due to corona I have a  lot of spare time at the moment. So I started to create a "real" help file fo the AD UDF (MS Active Directory).
      This help file should look/work like the AutoIt help file.

      Attached you find the first beta of the AD help file.
      Done so far:
      Similar functions have been assigned to a group (example: mail, mailbox and Exchange related functions have been assigned to the "EMail" group) Content, Search and Index tabs work Formatting is similar to the AutoIt help file Introduction page ToDo:
      Fill index tab Use folder icons Set the correct font size for the TOC Enhance the CSS to fully match the formatting of the AutoIt help file Create a documentation so you can create CHM files for other homegrown UDFs Create pages for the chapters - return an error message at the moment Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft HTML Workshop Seems 1.3 is the latest What do you think?
      Is something still missing on the ToDo-list?
      Comments please
    • By Skysnake
      I tried to create a ticket and Trac told me my submission looks like spam.  I do not see a captcha on either of the submission or "spam" screens...
      Tiny little documenation issue:
      Example 1 on Line 17
      The documentation refers to the function "SortLV" where it is in fact "LVSort" used in the example.
      Example 2 uses "LVSort2" (correct)
    • By l3ill
        been searching for a way to Pause a HotKeySet and it would seem that the Help File has one beautifully prepared.
      But it turns out that Pause does not stop the HotKeySet from working.
        Anyone know why? And/Or how to fix it?
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