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InetRead returns hex?

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I'm using InetRead to access a machine's ID on the amazon ec2 service. 


to access the string containing the machine's ID I'm using the line:

$instanceID = InetRead("",4)


$instanceID = StringLeft($instanceID,10) ; use the first ten characters


I think the "4" option in the InetRead function call should force ASCII format, but it must be struggling. 


The first ConsoleWrite returns: i-aa0fa69e (which is the properly formatted machine ID)

and the second ConsoleWrite returns: 0x692D6161


which appears to be the hex equivalent of the original string.


Does any body know how I can force the $instanceID variable to be an ASCII string?


This one is really confusing me




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Found a solution, although fairly long-winded:

ocal $hDownload = InetGet("","localID.txt",4,1)
ConsoleWrite("reading ID..." & @CRLF)
Until InetGetInfo($hDownload, 2) ; Check if the download is complete.

InetClose($hDownload) ; Close the handle to release resources.

; Now read that file in ASCII:
$Localidf=FileOpen("localID.txt", 0); read mode, no write permission LOCAL ID FILE
$instanceID = FileReadLine($LocalIDf, 1)

Writing the page text to a file with InetGet while forcing ASCII in the INetGet options, than reading the file back works fine. Strange how InetRead didn't act the same way though

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