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Changing songs using shortcuts


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Hello guys

I would like to be able to change songs on spotify using shourtcuts on my keyboard due to the fact i don't own a keyboard with extra keys providing this feature.

Therefor I've made a script binding my keys to make this possible, but i have a few issues and I think there is a easier or better way of creating this script. I hope someone can have a look and tell me what i could improve.

Some of the issues are:

  • I have to wait a little time before i will be able to change song right after i just changed. (I can't spam ALT + Right)
  • Doesn't work when im inside a game. This is actually a big issue for me.


My current code which works:

HotKeySet("!{left}", "Previous")

While 1

Func naeste()
   ControlSend("Spotify", "", "", "^{right}")

Func Previous()
   ControlSend("Spotify", "", "", "^{left}")

Func Current()
   Local $song = WinGetTitle("Spotify", "")
   TrayTip("", $song, 1)

Func quit()
   Exit 0

- AliOzturk

Edited by AliOzturk
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