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Moving window, removing title and borders

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Hey guys, just started using autoit today and trying to get a script working just how I want it.

The goal is to move a window, remove the title bar and borders completely. Reading some tutorials, searching the forum and looking at the wiki i've pretty much nailed it.. and if I couldn't get it any more than this I suppose I'd live (Maybe, I mean it's a long shot). So far I've moved the window, removed the title bar, but the borders are still there and I'm not sure what variable i'm missing.


; Wait for the Bluestacks 
WinWaitActive("BlueStacks App Player for Windows (beta-1)")

; Get the window class
Local Const $hWnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.33c0d9d]")
If @error Then MsgBox(0, "error", "error")

Local $iStyle = _WinAPI_GetWindowLong($hWnd, $GWL_STYLE)


_WinAPI_SetWindowLong($hWnd, $GWL_STYLE, $iStyle)
_WinAPI_SetWindowPos($hWnd, $HWND_TOPMOST, 3360, -40, 241, 473, $SWP_FRAMECHANGED)

I was also trying to add in $SWP_NOSIZE at the end of _WinAPI_SetWindowPos but get an error "Incorrect number of parameters in function call" and I'm not sure why.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Oh while I'm at it, anyway to set the anchor point when moving a window, like I want to set it at 0,0 using topright instead of topleft as it seems to be now?

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You can cut off the border with WinAPI aswell....

_WinAPI_SetWindowRgn(WinGetHandle("Title", ""), _WinAPI_CreateRectRgn(3, 22, 1024, 768)) ; Cut off Window Border

Look into those commands.

Some guy's script + some other guy's script = my script!

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I think this would do what you asked for

$iStyle = BitAnd($iStyle, BitNot( $WS_BORDER))

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