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Clipboard Pop-Up Help

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I am trying to automate a routine that visits a web site, collects some data and copies it temporarily to the clipboard before I work with it.  The process is generating a warning pop-up that disrupts the automation, and I have not been able to get rid of it.  I would appreciate suggestions for either blocking the pop-up or making it go away.  Here's the relevant portion of the code:

$text1=MouseClickDrag("left", 270, 170, 700, 190)
The popup occurs after the 2nd line.  It asks if I am willing to allow the process to access the clipboard.  I have identified the pop-up as a window titled "Internet Explorer" and the class is "#32770".  The default button declines to allow the procedure to access the clipboard.  I have tried various means to block or close the window or to click on the button that allows access to the clipboard, all without success.


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IE is generating the pop-up (not your script).

Check in IE :

Tools - Internet Options - Security - Internet - Custom level - Scripting zone - Allow programmatic clipboard access.

Most likely now IE has the option "Prompt" activated.

Good luck

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