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The Best Way To Manage The Cmd/dos Output ?

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I launch multiple scripts on multiple computers and store the ouput (from command line) in files.txt :

launched from autoit script:

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'Scan.bat ' & $Nom_Machine, "", @SW_HIDE)

the content of the .bat is:

ping -n 1 %1 > Cache\Scan-%1.txt

psexec xxxx > Cache\Scan-%1.txt


note: it can have more commands, but here i put only one.

So, under Xp when i massively launch these scripts (lets say 100 and wait 1 minute all or majority of them terminated.) i get blue screen after few

hours of scan, or get some strange flicker showing the command line windows

without borders... Note that under NT4 all was working right.

This is not due to memory overload, since i make periodicall closes of the cmd.exe.


1. Is there a function that can manage dos/cmd output ?

2. Is the way i launch the scripts is OK or maybe another syntax should be better ? (without the comspec, or any other manner ?)

if anyone have ideas :whistle:

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