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quotes in command ?

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im trying to run the following command By RunWait and there is quotes in the command I do not know how to process...

please help

this is what I need piped to the command line...

sqlcmd -S KITCHENSQLEXPRESSSQLuser -P SQLpassword -Q "BACKUP DATABASE testDatabase TO DISK='C:tempBackupsql.bak'"

I have this...

$server = "Kitchen\SQLEXPRESS
$user = "SQLuser
$password = "SQLPassword"

_RunWait "sqlcmd -S "&"  -U "&"$user"&" -P "&"$password   "

im getting lost where there is a quote in the original command that needs to be passed to the command line

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Try this:

$server = "Kitchen\SQLEXPRESS"
$user = "SQLuser"
$password = "SQLPassword"

$command = "sqlcmd -S " & $server & $user & " -P " & $password & ' -Q "BACKUP DATABASE testDatabase TO DISK=' & "'C:\temp\Backupsql.bak'" & '"'


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