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Mouse right click and left click on keystroke.

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Hi, can you guys help me with the code. I need to set 4 hokey each works differently. Is it possible to that?

Hotkey ESC = Exit's autoitscript

Hotkey CTRL+s = START/PAUSE (two functions on same key)

Hotkey x = mouseclick left ($cordx,$cordy)

Hotkey y= mouseclick right($cordx,$cordy)


Tried something like tihs couldn't figure it out.

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "ExitProg") 
HotKeySet("^s", "StartPause");CTRL+s
HotKeySet("x", "mouseleftclick")
HotKeySet("c", "mouserightclick")

Func ExitProg()  
    Exit 0;;Exits the program

Dim $On
$On = False

While 1
    While $On = True
  ;;Do Code

Func StartPause()
    If $On = False Then
        $On = True
        $On = False
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Yes it's possible, and you already made 2 working hotkeys. What's stopping you for the rest?

Br, FireFox.


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