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[BUG] FileSaveDialog extension

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1) You have created a FileSaveDialog with two choice, .txt and .au3

2) User write a whatever name ( noone write the extension in the filename ) and select .au3, the second choice of the combobox list

3) Now you can't do nothing because you don't know what is the filetype selected, how your Func() save the file? .au3 or .txt?

Strange that no one has noticed until now. With the new version of FileSaveDialog ( when Jon do it, if he do it ) we have in the returned value also extension ( now C:MYNAME became C:MYNAME.au3 ) so we save the file correctly, whatever is the user choice from the combobox

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Wonder if someone could explain whatever the problem is here.

I don't understand how you can select a file without an extension unless *.* is used in filter.

The issue is the following: when you just type in a filename "XYZ" without extension in the FileName field and you select in the  "Save as type"  the extension "*.au3", you would expect that the returned filename is equal to: "XYZ.au3" since you selected to use that extension.

This is currently not the case.

The resolution is simple by setting the .lpstrDefExt value in the OPENFILENAME structure to "".

See this page for details and this explanation:




The default extension. GetOpenFileName and GetSaveFileName append this extension to the file name if the user fails to type an extension. This string can be any length, but only the first three characters are appended. The string should not contain a period (.). If this member is NULL and the user fails to type an extension, no extension is appended.


All clear? :)


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