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ImageSearchDLL.dll implementation in AutoIT and Visual Studio C# Project

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Hello, we use ImageSearchDLL.dll in AutoIT. Recently, I want to build a project using ImageSearchDLL.dll, but this time using C#.

However, I couldn't get ImageSearch function working.

I searched online for 2 days and I saw many people had the same problem and it is still not resolved.

For example, >Thread in this forum and in other forum too.

"As soon as it tried to call ImageSearch, the program crashes without any exception."

Tried "try...catch" and it does not show any error message.

But in the output box I got this: The program '[7344] Project.vshost.exe: Managed (v4.0.30319)' has exited with code 1073741855 (0x4000001f).

Other people I found online had the same message when they try to use ImageSearchDLL.dll in C#.

Is it true that ImageSearchDLL.dll can only to be utilized in AutoIT?

Or there is something else I need to add from AutoIT so I can use ImageSearchDLL.dll in C# without adding AutoItx3.dll.

This is how I provoke the dll. And I am sure I used it right as I have provoked other DLL and they worked.

static extern string ImageSearch(int aLeft, int aTop, int aRight, int aBottom, string aImageFile); 


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