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Adding pictures, file directories

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hey peoples,

I am new autoit and i have made a script it all works,

Its just there is one thing i would like to change.

were i have added my pictures in i have used this:

$hPic_background = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:UsersPhaisiusDesktopJaguar.jpg")

My question is what code can i use to make it so the picture is getting loaded from the directory

of the script so i can put the scipt in a folder and the pictures in a folder in the folder of the script

That way i can move the folder and it would still work.

Anyone understand were i am coming from?

like i said i am learning help would be awsome



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i am getting errors in this line i dont think i am putting it in correctly,

When you say Workingdir do i have to put the name of the folder that the script is in?

$hPic_background = GUICtrlCreatePic(@WorkingDir & "ImagesJaquar.jpg"

Thats how i have put it in is that what do you reckon i have done wrong?

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@WorkingDir is the working directory, not necessarily the directory where the script is located. for the script directory use @ScriptDir

in AutoIt, @ is the prefix for an element called "Macro". search the help file for various macros available.

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