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ConsoleWrite ( $hInput ) ?

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Im writing a fairly advanced program which will take a user input from a GUICtrlCreateInput box and write it to another process, for example:

$hInput = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "", 106, 279, 202, 24 )

While 1

   Switch GuiGetMsg()


         ConsoleWrite ( GUICtrlRead ( $hInput ) )



I don't know how to make the other gui read the user input from the console. Any suggestions?

I know you can create child guis, but that's not what i want.


Hope this is possible


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Why not write out to a log file or INI (depending on the nature of what you want to do with the data), rather than trying to capture the console output?

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The program is a Windows Deployment program, which means several computers might use this, which will cause all computers to read from the same file

You either need a server that mediates writing to a file (such as a sql server) or use something like lock files where each log is named after each workstation.

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