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Uhm..this is really weird

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LOL..Um..This is going to sound veeery strange..I made a script, seen that it works, and compiled it..Then it panicked on me with an "blah blah blah..subscript dimension range exceeded"..I traced the problem back to a FileReadLine call..which seems to return "" for an uncompiled script and some (random?) garbage for the compiled one..The script's logic is the following..It attempts to read line _FileCount($file)-1 of the file..when the file has only 1 line, the read should fail and it should return ""..But in the case of the compiled script, it returns(HEX Dump if helpful to someone)

0C B4 70 74 18 18 B0 05 D6 95

This is something I've never encountered before..I can provide the whole script to any DEV that thinks he can fix the problem..Personally, I think it's a buffer overflow..

EDIT: I *CAN* work around the issue, but I still think it's a weird issue that needs fixing..

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