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    • By AMFC
      Hello everyone,
      For a measurement application, I need to put a 2D graphic inside a tab control (inside the second tab). But I can’t get the graph to appear only in the second tab.
      Please, what am I doing wrong?  
      #include <GraphGDIPlus_UDF.au3> $ID0 = GUICreate("TEST 2D Graphic",1000,600) $idTabCAB = GUICtrlCreateTab(10,10,980,500) ; TabItem definition ************************ $TAB1 = GUICtrlCreateTabItem(" TAB 1 ") GUICtrlCreateLabel("First Tab.",50,70,400,25) ;--------------------------------------- $TAB2 = GUICtrlCreateTabItem(" TAB 2 ") GUICtrlCreateLabel("Second Tab.",50,70,400,25) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Title of the graphic",520,70,400,25) GUICtrlSetFont(-1,10,800,0,"Arial Narrow") $Graph = _GraphGDIPlus_Create($ID0,520,100,400,200,0xFF000000,0xFFE0F0FF) _GraphGDIPlus_Set_RangeX($Graph,1,52,25,1,0) _GraphGDIPlus_Set_RangeY($Graph,0,100,10,1,0) ;----- Trace the curve ----------------- TraceCurve() ;--------------------------------------- $TAB3 = GUICtrlCreateTabItem(" TAB 3 ") GUICtrlCreateLabel("Third Tab.",50,70,400,25) ;*********************************************** GUICtrlCreateTabItem(""); end tabitem definition GUISetState() While 1 Local $msg = GUIGetMsg() Select Case $msg = -3 ;[Exit] ExitLoop EndSelect WEnd ;----- close down GDI+ and clear graphic ----- _GraphGDIPlus_Delete($ID0,$Graph) GUISetState(@SW_HIDE) Exit Func TraceCurve() _GraphGDIPlus_Set_PenColor($Graph,0xFF0084FF) _GraphGDIPlus_Set_PenSize($Graph,2) _GraphGDIPlus_Plot_Start($Graph,0,0) For $X=1 to 52 Step 1 $Y = Random(1,100,1) ; Random values for example. _GraphGDIPlus_Plot_Line($Graph,$X,$Y) _GraphGDIPlus_Refresh($Graph) Next EndFunc Someone is so kind to help me.  This is my script.   thank you very much in advance.
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