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MetroGUI UDF v5.1 - Windows 10 style buttons, toggles, radios, menu etc.

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very nice

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On 3/15/2018 at 4:11 PM, Reekod said:

Hi there 

really nice work, why don't you share the 5.2 version used in your TV shows APPS ? 

the _List_CreateGUI is a pure and wonderfull advance for Auto-it scripting



Hi, I didn't really test it or document anything of that version.

I am taking a break at the moment. TV-Show-Manager used the last of my resources :P

I will eventually start programming again and fix MetroGUI UDF.

The way I am creating custom lists is nothing special. The main problem is the limitation of Windows. After a certain size, it will stop drawing the items at the bottom and they will end up all at the same spot. I had this problem when I created custom graphs with + 200 Items. So not sure if it is worth adding to MetroUDF.

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Posted (edited)

how could i change de text of a button? the guictrlsetdata() doesn't work

Edited by x_bennY

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Search and you will find :)

On 27/10/2017 at 4:47 PM, BBs19 said:

You can't edit the text of buttons as they are pictures, they need to be recreated to edit the text. I might add this later, but for now you can use two buttons and hide one if you for example want a button that switches between Start / Stop

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how do create multi Tab for metro gui ?

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help me how to use guictrlsetdata on _Metro_CreateButtonex

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Same Question was asked 3 posts above yours, and the answer is just 2 post above yours :)






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Posted (edited)

Can i change an existing button color, or do i have to recreate the button?

Sorry if the question seems silly, i couldn't find an answer in the thread.

Edit: Ok, i guess it's the same answer as above...

Edited by pintas

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