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non-visible windows listed even when filtered for visibility

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I am working on a small utility to simplify moving open windows from one monitor to another. I've run into something a bit odd.  When I filter the output of WinList() using a WinGetState() of 2 ("window is visible") and output the entire list to a GUI, I do see the visible windows, but I also always see at least two that aren't. One is named "Start" and the other is named "Program manager". I would like to understand where these two entries - which don't correspond to any open windows that I see - are coming from. 

I imagine I'm missing something really basic. I suppose I could add a window title filter, but I'd rather understand why those two non-visible windows are showing up even when I do a BitAnd of 2 with the WinGetState() of each window in the isVisible() user-defined function. Any insights another autoit user might be able to offer would be most welcome.

My code:

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
; Windows states are retuned by WinGetState:
; 1 = window exists
; 2 = window is visible
; 4 = window is enabled
; 8 = window is active
; 16 = window is minimized
; 32 = window is maximized
Func populateList($aWindows)
  For $i = 1 to $aWindows[0][0]
    If $aWindows[$i][0] <> "" And isVisible($aWindows[$i][1]) Then
      ; For some reason, the program consistently lists at least two windows that aren't visible.
      ; They have windows titles "Start" and "Program Manager". 
Func isVisible($handle)
  If BitAnd( WinGetState($handle), 2 ) Then 
    Return 1
    Return 0
; Main
Local $hWinMain = GUICreate("Open Windows",600,350)
Local $lstView = GUICtrlCreateListView("Open Windows",10,10,550,250)
Local $aWindows = WinList()
populateList($aWindows) ; The listView does contain all visible windows, but also contains
                                        ; two that I don't see: "Program Manager" and "Start"
While 1
  Local $iMsg = GUIGetMsg()
  If $iMsg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then
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