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read text from WPF window

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please help, i would like to read text from WPF window

Autoit info do not show any control or text

Ranorexspy show the text text

iuiautomation simplespy show this

Mouse position is retrieved 782-436
At least we have an element [Please unlock the phone screen on your phone and click "Retry"  (ErrorCode:0xC)][TextBlock]
Having the following values for all properties: 
Title is: <Please unlock the phone screen on your phone and click "Retry"  (ErrorCode:0xC)> Class   := <TextBlock> controltype:= <UIA_TextControlTypeId> ,<50020> , (0000C364)
*** Parent Information ***
Title is: <Windows Phone Developer Registration> Class   := <Window> controltype:= <UIA_WindowControlTypeId> ,<50032> , (0000C370)
how can i read that text from my autoit script ?
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Thanks Junkew
With this code i can read text, if i set coordinates. ( i moved the window to 0,0 )
fortunately coords are fixed in app
Local $tStruct = DllStructCreate($tagPOINT) ; Create a structure that defines the point to be checked.
Global $UIA_oUIAutomation ;The main library core CUI automation reference
Global $UIA_oUIElement, $UIA_pUIElement  ;Used frequently to get an element
DllStructSetData($tStruct, "x", 200)
DllStructSetData($tStruct, "y", 281)
$UIA_oUIAutomation.ElementFromPoint($tStruct,$UIA_pUIElement )
$oUIElement = objcreateinterface($UIA_pUIElement,$sIID_IUIAutomationElement, $dtagIUIAutomationElement)
If IsObj($oUIElement) Then
ConsoleWrite(_UIA_getPropertyValue($oUIElement, $UIA_NamePropertyId) & @CRLF)
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example 11 should help you out (download examples of uiautomation thread)

But basically you first find your main window (to limit the number of elements to search)
Please check the examples.zip for latest syntax (example 4 and 11 should help you out)

$oNotepad=_UIA_getFirstObjectOfElement($UIA_oDesktop,"class:=Notepad", $treescope_children)

if isobj($oCalc) Then

get the element you want to do something with based on the properties

$sText="Bewerken"    ;Edit
    $oUIElement=_UIA_getFirstObjectOfElement($oCalc,"name:=" & $sText, $treescope_subtree)

get the property value you are interested in

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