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Adobe Creative suite installer completed

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I DID IT!!!! I finally got adobe creative suite to install unattended ;) YAHOOO!!!

Now I can be a happy admin again :P

Credit goes to this page, for showing me the titles behind the installer.

I used this to convert to version 3 format.


The Adobe Creative Suite installer is pretty messed up!

1 the abc copy method used by the individual programs dosn't work on the suite installer.

2 the abc copy method isn't working on the individual programs installer either,

because the serial nummer for each program is different than the suite installer.

3 The reason for this is that they key is stored in the uninstaller key in the registration database.

As a result, you can't make your own msi package (the programs won't run correctly)

4 This AutoIT script was also difficult, becase when you use the window information tool, you just get the classid and not the title you must use.

this class id is always active, so if you use this the registration screen is unsuccesfull

because the keystroke or mouseclicks are send right after you start to install the applications.

In other words class id is not good for installer applications.

My installer starts by checking if the adobe cs is installed and quits if it is (not unattended though)

If cs is not installed it installs the application I chose.

feel free to use it:

just replace the serial with your own and set the programs you want to use and you are ready to go. :mad2:

(remarks should make this a easy one to modify)

best regards mimo.

And here it is: CS1.au3

Best Regards Mimo

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