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    • By PeterVerbeek
      This topic give you access to an AutoIt functions library I maintain which is called PAL, Peter's AutoIt Library. The latest version 1.26 contains 214 functions divided into these topics:
      window, desktop and monitor GUI, mouse and color GUI controls including graphical buttons (jpg, png) logics and mathematics include constants string, xml string and file string dialogues and progress bars data lists: lists, stacks, shift registers and key maps (a.ka. dictionaries) miscellaneous: logging/debugging, process and system info Change log and files section  on the PAL website (SourceForge).
      A lot of these functions were created in the development of Peace, Peter's Equalizer APO Configuration Extension, which is a user interface for the system-wide audio driver called Equalizer APO.
    • By genius257
      I've made a library, based on AutoItObject UDF with the goal of implementing getter and setter functionality and make it possible to define new object properties in as few steps as possible.
      Thank you to @trancexx for getting me on the right track, and all users in Hooking into the IDispatch interface for the code to get me going.
      If I've forgotten to add credit, please let me know
      #include "AutoItObject_Internal.au3" $myCar = IDispatch() $myCar.make = 'Ford' $myCar.model = 'Mustang' $myCar.year = 1969 $myCar.__defineGetter('DisplayCar', DisplayCar) Func DisplayCar($oThis) Return 'A Beautiful ' & $oThis.parent.year & ' ' & $oThis.parent.make & ' ' & $oThis.parent.model EndFunc MsgBox(0, "", $myCar.DisplayCar) More examples: https://github.com/genius257/AutoItObject-Internal/tree/master/Examples
      Version: 3.0.0
      Edit2 (19th March 2017):
      First of all, sorry about the lack of updates on this project. I always start too many projects and end up ignoring old projects, if I run into problems ^^'.
      So I've started moving my AutoIt scripts to GitHub. I will still post the most recent script version here.
    • By sudeepjd
      I am looking for a way to interface AutoIT and PTC Creo using the Creo VB API COM object. I am able to do this with VBScript and in theory should also be able to replicate the same into AutoIT as well. However, For some reason, the connection does not seem be made from the Autoit script but is able to be made with VBScript.
      Below is my working VBScript.
      Dim asynconn, conn, session Set asynconn = CreateObject("pfcls.pfcAsyncConnection") MsgBox TypeName(asynconn), 0, "COM Type" Set conn = asynconn.Connect("", "", ".", 5) 'Set conn = asynconn.Start("C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 4.0\M090\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe",".") MsgBox TypeName(conn), 0, "Connection Type" Set sess = conn.session MsgBox TypeName(sess), 0, "Session Type" It opens a connection to the COM object in Creo, and message box outputs the variable types.
      Below is my NOT working AutoIT Script:
      Local $asynconn, $conn, $session $asynconn = ObjCreate("pfcls.pfcAsyncConnection") MsgBox(0, "COM Type",ObjName($asynconn)) $conn = $asynconn.Connect("", "", ".", 5) ;$conn = $asynconn.Start("C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 4.0\M090\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe", ".") MsgBox(0, "Connection Type", ObjName($conn)) $session = $conn.Session Msgbox(0, "Session Type", ObjName($session)) The connection on the $conn object is not being made, even if I start Creo or try connecting to an existing session.
      I know that there is probably a very few people who would be able to replicate this (those who have access to Creo), but would really appreciate help if someone has any ideas as to why this could be happening.
    • By nacerbaaziz
      hello autoit team
      i tried to create a SPVoice object 
      when i create the object and tried to use this function SetAlertBoundary
      it gave me an error
      please where is the problem?
      here is the code
      local $o_Sapi_OBJ = ObjCreate("SAPI.SpVoice") if IsObj($o_Sapi_OBJ) then $o_Sapi_OBJ.SetAlertBoundary("SPEI_PHONEME") endIf note i got the function name from microsoft web site
      i have windows10
    • By Se7enstars
      New Modern Design UI in AutoIt in 118 line
      Please watch & like in Youtube: Link
      Full Source Code free: Link

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