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    • By ramin92003
      How can I get the largest number to be the first number in a calculation? I did the below code but the largest number doesn't store in the $ aExtract variable. I need always a positive number from the calculation (the largest number be the first in the calculation). Can you help me with that? Thank you.
      $N1 = 33 $N2 = 45 Local $numberSort [2] = [$N1 , $N2] _ArraySort($numberSort, 1) _ArrayDisplay($numberSort, "Sort Descending", Default, 1) Local $aExtract = _ArrayExtract($numberSort, 0, 0, 0) _ArrayDisplay($aExtract, "Row 1 cols 1") $minus = $N1 - $N2  
    • By l3ill
      Hi Gents,
      Updating one of my older scripts here and cant get around this wall...
      I want to extract chunks from an larger array of indefinite size as smaller arrays in a loop and work with them individually and then move on to the the next "extracted array" until the original array is empty.
      The amount of elements in each extracted array will usually be different so I am using _ArraySearch to find my start and stop points and storing them as variables, which brings me to my problem.
      I want to "remove" (delete) the extracted array from the original array each time using _ArrayDelete but it doesnt seem to want me to use variables.
      Here is a reproducer:
      #include <Array.au3> Local $aArray[10] For $i = 0 To 9 $aArray[$i] = $i Next _ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Original") $i_Start = 0 $i_End = 5 Local $aExtract = _ArrayExtract($aArray, $i_Start, $i_End) _ArrayDisplay($aExtract, "Extracted Array") Local $vRange = $i_Start - $i_End _ArrayDelete($aArray, $vRange) ;==error 3 - $vRange is not a valid range string If @error Then MsgBox(0, "error =", @error) EndIf _ArrayDisplay($aArray, "After Deletion")Any suggestions would be appreciated :-)
      edit:  the error I am getting is    3 - $vRange is not a valid range string
      edit 2: BTW this doesn't work either _ArrayDelete($aArray, $i_Start - $i_End)
    • By Guy_
      If I wanna be able to "vertically rotate" (scroll up and down) 2D array rows, like...

      row 0
      row 1
      row 2


      row 2
      row 0
      row 1

      etc. (both directions, where the one that disappears goes to the other end) ...

      1) Do I have to make my own function, or is there a simple trick I am missing?
      2) If I have to make my own function, would it be more or less like this one I made up?
      Problem here is that only "UP" is working...
      * I may be missing something very simple...? :-)
      * Why can't I seem to get the first row with _ArrayExtract($_aArray, 0, 0) somehow anyway...?
      #include <Array.au3> HotKeySet("{PGUP}", "_ArrayUp") HotKeySet("{PGDN}", "_ArrayDown") Global $aArray[3][2] = [["0 ", " car"],["1 ", " bike"],["2 ", " boat"]] ToolTip(_ArrayToString($aArray), 0,0) While 1     Sleep(100) WEnd Func _2D_ArrayScroll_vert ( $_aArray, $direction = 0 )     Local $aSplit_1, $aSplit_2     If $direction = 0 Then    ; scroll DOWN         ; get all rows except last         $aSplit_1 = _ArrayExtract($_aArray, 0, UBound($_aArray) - 2 ) ;~             MsgBox(0,"", _ArrayToString($aSplit_1))         ; get last row only         $aSplit_2 = _ArrayExtract($_aArray, UBound($_aArray) - 1, UBound($_aArray) - 1 ) ;~             MsgBox(0,"", _ArrayToString($aSplit_2))         ; $aSplit_2 = 'last row' + 'all rows except last'         _ArrayAdd($aSplit_2, $aSplit_1)         $_aArray = $aSplit_2     Else                    ; scroll UP         $aSplit_1 = _ArrayExtract($_aArray, 1, UBound($_aArray) - 1 )             MsgBox(0,"", _ArrayToString($aSplit_1)) ; PROBLEM AREA: how to get 1st row of $_aArray into $aSplit_2 ? ;~      $aSplit_2 = $_aArray[0][2]  ; doesn't work  [1][2] neither         $aSplit_2 = _ArrayExtract($_aArray, 0, 0)  ; doesn't work, other variations get the wrong row, or too many rows             MsgBox(0,"", _ArrayToString($aSplit_2))         _ArrayAdd ($aSplit_1, $aSplit_2)         $_aArray = $aSplit_1     EndIf     $aArray = $_aArray     ToolTip(_ArrayToString($aArray), 0,0) EndFunc Func _ArrayDown()     _2D_ArrayScroll_vert ( $aArray ) EndFunc Func _ArrayUp()     _2D_ArrayScroll_vert ( $aArray, -1 ) EndFunc #cs ; DOWN 0 car 1 bike 2 boat 2 boat 0 car 1 bike ; UP 0 car 1 bike 2 boat 1 bike 2 boat 0 car #ce Thanks! 
    • By Shane0000
      Would one of the devs or the akin look at the post below regarding ArrayExtracts inability to extract row 0 and also column 0.
      I am unsure of how where to open a ticket. 
      If I should do this instead can some one provide a link to the ticket page.
      Thank you,
      '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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