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Javascipt/ActiveX Type Mismatch

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I am using a activex written in Delphi and am trying to access it from Internet Explorer. When I try to access the function I am getting type mismatch error.

Javascipt/HTML Code:

<OBJECT    id="AScan" name="AScan"
    width="5" height="5"> </OBJECT>
    <input type="button" name="Button" value="Button" onclick="doscan()" />
function doscan()

Delphi Function Declaration

procedure TScanX.scanRegions(const ref: widestring; no: integer; const path: widestring);

Thank you in advance


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Richard Robertson

This forum is for using the AutoIt software and your post has nothing to do with it. You may not get the help you need here and are better off looking in a dedicated web development or Delphi forum.

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