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Best practices when storing variables

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I wrote a series of scripts that write and read values to the registry.  This seems good until another user logs onto the computer and the values are no longer accesible since they are stored in the HKCU hive.  I didn't want to create the key in HKLM because I dont want to add #requireadmin.  I managed to write a work around, but its more of a bandaid.  I'm considering replacing all of the reg write and reads with INI write/read functions and storing the INI somewhere in C:UsersPublic.  The registry writes and reads occur at every login and computer unlock (called from a scheduled task) and I wasn't sure if wrinting to a INI file that frequently would cause any problems.

Basically, I'm asking what are best practices when storing varialbes for scripts that need to read /write values as well as being accessible for all users without full administrator rights.

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Interesting idea with the registry, I may play around with that.

I would guess you can just use a file(s) and if needed hide it away in C:Windows or something.

Also I did a lot of registry work recently and made up something that can copy HKCU entries to other users or to the default user (so all new profiles get the settings)

Mind sharing a few snippets of code on how you are assigning values to variables and then push/pulling them to registry?

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If it should be available to all users how about writing the Ini file to C:UsersAll Users?

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I have 4 scripts.  Installation script, scipt that runs at startup or computer unlock, and two others. 

The installer creates a key in the registry and assignes a value poinitng to the installation source.

RegWrite($RegistryKey, "InstallationSource", "REG_SZ", $InstallationSource)

It also imports a xml schedule task to run officecheck.exe (just the name I gave my script) at each startup and unlock, then runs officecheck so it populates other vaues in the $RegistryKey location.  a few examples below.

RegWrite($RegistryKey, "External IP", "REG_SZ", $PublicIP)
RegWrite($RegistryKey, "Office", "REG_SZ", $arrReadOfficeList[$i])
RegWrite($RegistryKey, "IP 1", "REG_SZ", @IPAddress1)


Dim $InstallationSource = RegRead($RegistryKey, "InstallationSource") ;###Make sure this key is created by the installer


When another user logs in, the key created by the installer is no longer available.  I have error handling so the user gets notification that the key is missing and it attempts to re-install which works and all, but I dont like that method.  I rather the values to be availabe for all users and to not have potential different values for multiple users.

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Ini file is probably your best option at this point, keep the ini file in the folder with the script, or somewhere that everyone that logs on has access to, and read/write your values in there.

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