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FFSnapShot Problem with Dual-Monitor

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I use

 $FFResult = FFSnapShot($CompX1, $CompY1,$CompX2,$CompY2 )
$FFResult = FFSaveBMP(  "Temp" )
to save images from the screen to a file.  Everything works great as long as I am getting images from my Left monitor, but it does not work on my Right Monitor.  I get the errors:
SnapShop(1530, 187.05,1629.9, 235,45,0,FFFFFFFF) failed
IsArray($Res):1 - Ubound($Res):6 - $Res[0]:0
My Screen Origin is set for the Top-Left of my left monitor and I really don't want to change it.
Will FFSnapShop work on dual-monitors?  Is there another way to capture and save images to *.bmp file?

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Use ScreenCapture instead.
#include <ScreenCapture.au3>
$MyFile = @ScriptDir & "testGDIPlus_Image.bmp"
_ScreenCapture_Capture($MyFile, 2400,10,2500,110)

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