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_ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd problem, it works in all functions except one

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I'm trying to save some MsgBoxes, from the GUI my script is interacting with. It should be pretty simple, yet one function seems to have a problem with it.

I used it the same way with my other functions, and they all save it to my directory, but the last one doesn't. I can see that the script activate the window i want to save while I'm running it, but the save doesnt happen. I can't really show the whole function, but i can tell its pretty basic, since i wrote it. If you tink more code would help, ask and i delivery what i can.

Thank you for the help4

WinKill("Információ") ;an other window, informing me of irrelevant data, Its here because of the same name, and I thought it might have something ot do with the problem
    WinActivate("Folyószámla","");already existing window
    ControlClick("Folyószámla", "", "[CLASSNN:TAdvBitBtn12]") ;button that opens the MsgBox i want to save
    WinWaitActive("Információ", "")
    Local $Egyenleg = WinGetHandle("Információ", "") ;MsgBox I want to save
    _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd(@MyDocumentsDir & $date & "ÜKegyenleg.jpg", $Egyenleg)

;during the same time I handle a PDFCreator same as the other functions that runs well. PDFCreator window should be popping up automaticly, and i activate the above.
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Your path has no :

_ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd(@MyDocumentsDir & $date & "ÜKegyenleg.jpg", $Egyenleg)

Should be more like

_ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd(@MyDocumentsDir & "\" & $date & "\ÜKegyenleg.jpg", $Egyenleg)
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Do you have a leading backslash in your $date variable, at least?

P.S. I cogitated too long and JLogan... beat me to it.

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Thanks! I guess I start to get a bit careless nearing the end of my shift. On the other PrtScn-s I added the "" to the $date, which I forgot to do at the last one.

(Note to self: I should also post the creation of all my variables that appear in my code, will try to do that next time, it also makes me check myself before simple questions)

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