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39 minutes ago, DFerrato said:

I also believe (and i may be wrong) that the major guideline on the changes to be made could be discussed here

Yes, we can create a topic in the AutoIt Technical Forum to discuss major things :).


I cannot contribute to the code because I already have too much to work on :(.

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Some messages & Apologizes:

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Also, I am very busy with my project so I will appear in the last row of the online list, if you want to contact me:

Or you can have a nice chat with me in freenode, I use the same nick on freenode too!



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2 hours ago, TheDcoder said:

Yes, we can create a topic in the AutoIt Technical Forum to discuss major things :).


I cannot contribute to the code because I already have too much to work on :(.


Thank you for your recommendation, I am going to visit that page

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#63 ·  Posted (edited)

Work has progressed far enough, for me to feel happy creating an entry here, so GUIBuilder Project has been added to the first post in this topic.

It is a work in progress, solely by me at this point, TheSaint, but based on CyberSlug's original ... and later versions, that were updates by Roy, TheSaint & others.

I am dragging GuiBuilder, kicking & screaming, into the 2010's, to be reborn as GUIBuilder or even GUIBuilder Reborn perhaps.

Providing all goes to plan of course.

I have already fixed/improved a few issues, including upgrading 16 bit icons to 32 bit ones ... even if they do look a bit crappy now ... at least they work.

Edited by TheSaint

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I may have the Artistic Liesense ;) to disagree with you. TheSaint's Toolbox (be advised many downloads are not working due to ISP screwup with my storage)


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    • dascondor
      By dascondor
      I  need to has Opt(GUISetOnEvent,-1) available in my script, but since I'm using koda designer it uses GUIgetmessage is there any work around for this. I'm pretty new to this stuff so any help is great appreciated.
      Any Thoughts?
    • ISI360
      By ISI360
      Today I want to show you my current AutoIt project: The ISN AutoIt Studio.

      The ISN AutoIt Studio is a complete IDE made with AutoIt, for AutoIt!
      It includes a GUI designer, a code editor (with syntax highlighting, auto complete & intelisense), a file viewer, a backup system, trophies and a lot more features!!
      Here are some screenshots:

      Here some higlights:
      -> easy to create/manage/public your AutoIt-projects!
      ->integrated GUI-Editor (ISN Form Studio 2)
      ->integrated - file & projectmanager
      ->auto backupfunction for your Projects
      ->extendable with plugins!
      ->available in several languages
      ->Syntax highlighting /Autocomplete / Intelisense
      ->Dynamic Script
      ->detailed overview of the project (total working hours, total size...)
      And much more!!!
      -> -> Click here to download ISN AutoIt Studio <- <-
      Here is the link to the german autoit forum where I posted ISN AutoIt Studio the first time:
      For more information visit my Homepage:
      So….have fun with ISN AutoIt Studio!
      PS: Sorry for my bad English! ^^
    • Masum
      By Masum
      Hi all,
      Can the default Koda icon for forms be changed? If so, how?
    • Morthawt
      By Morthawt
      I have a program I made long ago for something but I never saved the koda file so it would make it a complete pain for me to visually tweak anything because as far as I am aware, I would have to design an entirely new GUI.
      Would it be possible for you guys at AutoIt to add functionality to Koda so that you can take an existing GUI section, with while loop and cases and all and then koda would literally build it ready for tweaking and where existing things still exist and have been tweaked, it would tweak such details and keep all the existing case information and added formatting things that were manually tweaked etc?
      This would be really amazing and I feel that other people would benefit from it. I can't be the only person who makes a GUI, doesn't save it and then has no problems making minor tweaks in-code but struggles like hell to go rearranging things perfectly. That is where using a GUI (koda) to make and arrange a GUI you are making, makes everything easy and pleasure to deal with.
      A friend gives me his code and wants help. The GUI is just a mess, but trying to do all the alignment and positioning all by digits in code would be a pain. I cannot just hallucinate where everything is based on pixel locations and sizes. So I would take the entire GUI chunk of code, all the form/controls/formatting functions/while loop/switch/case in it's entirety and paste it into an area of Koda and press a button. Koda would then build the GUI on the screen, placing all the controls and formatting them with the instructions that may have been added and keeps the case information as-is. Then when you make your alterations in Koda, you go to export it and it makes an entirely new export that re-makes (from scratch as if you had made this GUI from scratch) all the code for controls, size, placement etc and then also adds all the existing case code back as part of the code you then send (or manually copy/paste as I do) to Scite editor.
      Is there any chance this could be implemented? I think this could help a lot of people with their own scripts and others'.
    • jaberwacky
      By jaberwacky
      This is an update to GuiBuilder (CyberSlug, Roy, TheSaint, and many others) to run on the latest AutoIt Beta release.
      For a chronological history of GuiBuilder and other GUI designers see: >AutoIt GUI Creators (Designers).
      The seed of this effort is >here.
      Note: This is early stage software.  Please help by reporting issues.
      Now for the latest exciting installment!  Tabs are now available!  One tab can be added to the GUI.  Move it, resize it, and right click to add a new tab item!  More context menu items on the way.  Also upcoming is the ability to be able to add controls to each tab item.
      GUIBuilderNxt - - Exe included.
      dl: 4286
      New Features and fixes:
      1) Show or hide control while moving or resizing control. *Currently bugged out*
      2) Option to show controls which have had their state set to hidden.
      3) Properties window for each control as they are selected.  This makes fine tuning a control easier.
      4) A button which will resize a control's width to fit the text.  Uses Melba23's _StringSize library.
      5) Remembers settings from the last session.
      6) GuiOnEvent mode.  CyberSlug made mention of wanting to do this in the early days of GuiBuilder.
      7) Maps rather than multidimensional arrays.
      8) Consistent control naming, (i.e., instead of Group1, Button2, Button3, Radio4 it would now be Group1, Button1, Button2, Radio1).
      9) Restructured the menubar layout per GuiBuilder Resurrected.
      10) Hotkeys switched to accelerators.
      11) Option to wipe the gui clear to the Edit menu.
      12) Select and move multiple controls at once by holding down Ctrl or using a selection rectangle.
      13) Copy, Paste and Delete multiple controls at once.
      14) Solid grid background that now resizes to fit the GUI.
      1) Get the Tab control to work correctly. *Still in progress*
      2) Finish adding properties settings to the control properties window.
      3) Make the code generation produce code with a better layout.
      4) Common GUI templates.  Ability to make your own templates too.
      5) Select multiple controls and use arrow keys (or other method?) to snap the selected controls to align to the chosen edge.
      6) Visual hints to tell you when you're within so many pixels from the edge of the window or control.  Mimics the gui designer of Visual Basic.
      7) Double click a control to edit the text.
      8) Visual hints to indicate selected controls, etc.
      9) Ability to create and store custom controls.
      Known issues: