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Removing all GUI functions

Go to solution Solved by orbs,

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Personally I don't think we need your whole code.

If you want a delay, just add a Sleep into the Loop example with function that I showed you.

That function can have calls to other functions.

I'm a great believer in getting you to do things yourself, with a little help of course, so that you will then hopefully end up understanding what is going on, and can thus make any adjustments (future, etc) yourself.

If you have enough of a grasp of AutoIt, then you should be creating another script, building it up with the content of the original, testing as you go, and only adding what is needed. Setup a structure with your main loop and functions, ignoring GUI elements, except where perhaps you need to have a value read. However, from what I saw, you already have values in your INI, so only that needs to be read, I imagine.

Do what you can in that direction, learning as you go, and we will help you with any difficulties that you advise us of (with code).

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Orbs it was a secure deployment code for enterprise.

Devil I agree. I have been into lots of languages and sure they take their time. i had to rush to forum as new plus time was ticking. I understood the code but since not like many lang like java or perl helps and learning is limited.

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Last thing. Next gets selected automatically. After the installation a message pops up where I need to click on OK or basically hit enter.

MsgBox(0, "Secure PC", _TraduceMeIfYouCan("Install_End"))

Install end here picks up the data from ini

But it waits for OK button to be pressed. Can I send just enter here?

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the only checkboxes in your code is in func Wizard_Componants(), which is automated by the same technique - line 300 or so you have $nMsg = GUIGetMsg() which you need to replace by $nMsg=$Next. these checkboxes are by default all checked, as instructed by this line following each checkbox creation:

GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_CHECKED)

if you want to uncheck them initially, then remove/comment-out the relevant instances of that line.

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side note: in general, the better way to handle this entire project is to locate the pieces of code that actually perform the task, then rewrite them in a new script. but since:

1) your script have the GUI components and the operational components very tightly integrated;

2) you have a time constraint (as you say);

3) skipping the GUI user selection is not that difficult;

i think it is justifiable to follow the method i suggested.

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