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Excel Inserting Row(s)

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Still doesn't make sense to insert rows after the used range. This rows are empty, so there is no need to insert empty rows there.

I think what you have in mind is something like _Excel_RangeCopyPaste.


I've added the description for _Excel_RangeInsert to the help file.

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    • SorryButImaNewbie
      By SorryButImaNewbie
      Hello everyone!
      I try to insert a column with _excel_rangeinsert. I loop over a specified row, with different strings, and I want to insert a colum after the "OSSZEG" string (the columletter for OSSZEG is stored in the $OSSZEGoszlop variable)
      And here I have little logical problem.
      I know that this string is in column, for example, C, but is there a way to tell the UDF to insert to $vRange.
      _Excel_RangeInsert($ExcelObject.Activesheet, $OSSZEGoszlop &":"&"D") Here I would like my script to be clever enough to know that If $OSSZEGoszlop is C the it insert between C and D, if its D its insert between D and E.
      So My basic question: Is there a String++ thing in autoit I can use for this? (If $A = "A" , $A++ = "B" or something like this)
      Alternatively I can only think of writing a  /Select Case/ for every letter and call me crazylazy but, I just don't think it is the best solution, also a that long case select would run like 2-4 seconds, which is kind of long for a column insert. (or It runs less then 0.5 sec and I'm just not very good at telling how long a script needs to be executed )
      Thanks for the help!
    • SorryButImaNewbie
      By SorryButImaNewbie
      Hello esteem users of this forum!
      I have a little problem with the _excel_rangeinsert.
      I organize an array in the excel (like from A:8 to S:114) with rangesort. I make it ascending according to a code first, then by a country as follow:
      _Excel_RangeSort($ExcelObject, Default, $ColumnOfArrayStart & $CellNumb & ":" & $EndColumnOfArray & $MelysegSzamlalo, $KNKODoszlop & ":" & $KNKODoszlop,$xlAscending,Default,$xlYes,Default,$xlSortColumns,$RENDTAGALLAMoszlop & ":" & $RENDTAGALLAMoszlop,$xlAscending) If @error Then Exit MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Excel UDF: _Excel_RangeSort Example 1", "Error sorting data." & @CRLF & "@error = " & @error & ", @extended = " & @extended) ;MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Excel UDF: _Excel_RangeSort Report", "Data successfully sorted in range" & $ColumnOfArrayStart & $CellNumb & ":" & $EndColumnOfArray & $MelysegSzamlalo) where $KNKODoszlop is holding the latter of the ID code or somethingcolumn, while $RENDTAGALLAMoszlop is the country code columns latter (PL, UK etc.). This happens without a glitch.
      Now I try to insert 2 new rows everywhere where a) the KNKOD changes, or b ) if the KNKOD the same but the country code is different.
      To do this I played around with this code: (after failing first to do both I try to make it work with one for start)
      Local $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo = $CellNumb + 1 ;MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Értesítés", "A $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo : " & $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo ) Do Local $KNKODOlvaso1 = _Excel_RangeRead($ExcelObject, Default, $KNKODoszlop & $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo) Local $KNKODOlvaso2 = _Excel_RangeRead($ExcelObject, Default, $KNKODoszlop & $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo + 1) If $KNKODOlvaso1 <> $KNKODOlvaso2 Then _Excel_RangeInsert($ExcelObject, $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo + 1 & ":2") EndIf $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo = $CellaOlvasoSzamlalo + 1 Until $KNKODOlvaso2 = "" ;and $RENDTAGALLAMOlvaso2 = "" So I have the $Cellnumb which contains the first row of the array im working with (the header, with titels like countrycode) from before this part of the code (Local, in the same function, I tried to cast it to Int, results are the same if I do, It should be int anyway) from it, I "calculate" "$CellaOlvasoSzamlalo" (sorry for Hungarian names ) Then use that to create a Do Until loop to check if the result of a cell is different from the cell beneth it in the KNKOD column, if its different, it should insert 2 rows between them. At least in my mind. After that it incrase the CellaOlvasoSzamlalo to go down to the next cell, and do this until the cell it reads is empty (and of the array).
      I tried to play around with a few different ways, the best I could achive was that it inserted 9 rows to the 2. row. (there were 9 different KNKOD in my test excel). 
      I'm not sure what mi missing, I think that the rangeinsert $Range is read as: "number1:number2" where number1 is the row where I want to insert while number2 is how many rows correct?
      Anyway, I welcome any help or nudge of direction or insight if someone is willing to help.
      Thank you, and have a nice life