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Create Classes Fast And Easy

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Lots of us have used the "ScriptControl" object in Autoit to create simple classes using jScript, vbScript.
For example, I created a simple Car class in jScript.

#include "jsFunc.au3"

jsc('function Car(make,color,year){')    ;Car class
    jsc('this.make  = make;')            ;property
    jsc('this.color = color;')
    jsc('this.year  = year;')
    jsc('this.Info  = function(){return this.year + " " + this.color + " " + this.make;}}')

$js.AddCode($jsCode)    ;add code to the global module
;MsgBox(0,"jScript",$jscode) ;debug

local $car = $js.Eval('new Car("Jaguar F-Type","Black",2015);') ;car class object

msgbox(64,"New Car Class 1",$car.Info(),2)   ;show car class properties

;change car properties
$car.make  = "Porsche Speedster"
$car.color = "Red"
$car.year  = 1955

msgbox(64,"New Car Class 2",$car.Info(),2)   ;show car class properties

The Car class is not very useful. I needed the ability to create classes
that makes Autoit more functional and easy to produce with the power of Autoit.

The VARIANT class is more interesting and functional, showing todays long date.
Of course using vbScript's "FormatDateTime" to show long date in one line is simpler.
I'am just trying to show how easy it is too create and use meaningful classes.

#include "jsFunc.au3"

jsc('function VARIANT(){')      ;VARIANT class
    jsc('this.vt     = 0;')     ;property
    jsc('this.union  = 0;')
    jsc('this.Now    = new Date().toString();')                             ;string date object
    jsc('this.api    = new ActiveXObject("Apidll.ApidllC");')               ;api class object
    jsc('this.Ptr    = this.api.CallApi("kernel32","GlobalAlloc",64,16);')  ;VARIANT structure Ptr
    jsc('this.StrPtr = this.api.CallApi("kernel32","GlobalAlloc",64,32);')  ;VARIANT string Ptr

    jsc('this.class_Set = function(){')
        jsc('this.api.Set_Data(this.Ptr  ,this.vt   ,2);')        ;vt_type
        jsc('this.api.Set_Data(this.Ptr+8,this.union,this.vt);}') ;vt_data

    ;formats a variant containing named date and time information into a string
    jsc('this.VarFormatDateTime = function(pvarIn,iNamedFormat,dwFlags,pbstrOut){')
        jsc('return this.api.CallApi("oleaut32","VarFormatDateTime",pvarIn,iNamedFormat,dwFlags,pbstrOut);}')

    jsc('this.class_Terminate = function(){')

$js.AddCode($jsCode)         ;add code to the global module
;MsgBox(0,"jScript",$jscode) ;debug

local $longdate  = 1
local $dwflags   = 0
local $VT_LPWSTR = 31
local $varnt     = $js.Eval("new VARIANT();") ;variant class object

; set date variant
$varnt.vt    = 7                          ;vt_type date
$varnt.union = (@YEAR-1900)*365+@YDAY+29  ;vt_date data
$varnt.class_Set()                        ;update class variant

;get long date
$varnt.VarFormatDateTime($varnt.Ptr, $longdate, $dwflags, $varnt.StrPtr)

Msgbox(64,$varnt.Now, $varnt.api.Get_Data($varnt.StrPtr, $VT_LPWSTR))

$varnt = 0

I Created "Apidll.ApidllC", an Activex Class that dynamically calls a function in any dll.
This class is simple with a few methods, for more information see the Apidll.chm file.

This gives jScript, and vbScript the ability to call the Api and do pointers, and giving
Autoit the ability to create classes on the fly.


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