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Guest pcoccimi

I have the following line in a script:

FileCopy ("C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pn.ini", @AppDataDir & "\ICAClient\pn.ini", 1)

However, the file does not get copied. Is there something wrong with the syntax I used?

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Are you sure that the destination directory exists?

You could check using FileExists and use DirCreate if it doesn't.

In your post there isn't a space between ICA and Client in the destination, but there is in the source. Is a typo causing you to refer to the wrong directory?

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Guest pcoccimi

Yes, the destination directory exists.

The paths are correct. For some reason, the Citrix install creates the ICAClient folder underneath the user's profile application data folder.

Does the syntax look correct?

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  • Developers

in your source directory there is a SPACE between ICA and CLIENT but in your target there is none.... is that the way it should be ??

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You could try using the 'copy' DOS/Console command. Not tested, but I think I got the syntax correct:

$orginalWorkDir = @WorkingDir
FileChangeDir(@AppDataDir & "\ICAClient")
_RunCmd('copy "C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pn.ini" "pn.ini")

Func _RunCmd( $x )
  Return RunWait( @ComSpec & " /C " & $x , "", @SW_HIDE )
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I actually have the Citrix client installed and ran the script at the start of this thread and it worked fine (Windows XP).

Make sure that @AppDataDir is correct for you

MsgBox(0, "", @AppDataDir)

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