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How to emulate a 'sip:' shortcut, or Windows run 'sip:'

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If I put      sip:user@somewhere.com      into "Run" on my Win8 machine,

or make a shortcut     sip:user@somewhere.com    , and run it, it will open the default program that handles it, in my case Lync,

how do I emulate this from Autoit,

I have tried

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & "sip:"& $UsersADInfo [5][1])

Run("C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15lynce.exe" & " sip:"& $UsersADInfo [5][1])

Run("sip:"& $UsersADInfo [5][1])

$UsersADInfo [5][1]  equals and email address

Thank you for any help,


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Have you tried the ShellExecute function? It will start something through the ShellExecute API, which should make it respect your Windows settings regarding what application is used to open what file types or protocols.

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