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    • By rudi
      very propably this has been asked before, well, I miss the thread(s) ...
      Is there a command line switch to tell the SciTE setup EXE to install silently ("/S") *AND* to end up with "edit" (instead of "run") as system wide default action for *.au3 files?

      As it can be done with the config tool:
      Regards, Rudi.
    • By mememememememe
      Hello everyone, has anyone of you guys tried to create an an automated installer for this?

      Source: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Deploy-Office-365-ProPlus-from-a-local-source-35d4cb3b-4cc9-4bc9-9f20-eaf3c50f8331
      Issue: You can't run the installer "as administrator" because opens a error message. You have double click and then you may enter the credentials..
      i was trying to do this without disabling the UAC, his there any one who found a way out?
      Notice: The processo runs perfectly by hand, i only need a workaround for this thing. 
      Ty in advance.
    • By ur
      I have a project in eclipse which is created using below options.
      File --> New --> Dynamic web application project..   I have linked the src folder to local GitHub synced folder.   Whenever there is a change in GitHub source files, I need to clean the project (only clean , not clean and build)   Once the clean is completed, I will export the complete project as war file (right click on project folder in eclipse and export --> war )   I didn't find any command line options to eclipse to do this. Any other alternative to automate this in AutoIT.
    • By bstjohn
      I'm running AutoIT v3.3.14.2 on Windows 10 ver 1511.  The September Cumulative Update from Microsoft has broken the way some third party credential providers work.  You can see more detail here:  https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7018051
      So I want to automatically and silently remove this update from all our machines.  In Windows 7 I could easily do it with this:
      wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3185614 /quiet
      But apparently Microsoft has taken away the /quiet switch functionality in Windows 10.   wusa /? will show that the switch is there, but when trying to use it error 87 (invalid parameter) is returned.
      So I relented on that point and decided to run wusa without the quiet switch.  It pops up a child window that prompts for confirmation before uninstalling the update.  Sounds like a perfect job for AutoIT, right?  Except I can't get the button to click, either using ControlClick or ControlSend or Send.  I can select it by sending the {Alt} key to it and it highlights.  But I just can't get it to accept the click or {Enter}.
      I then tried using Powershell and DISM to remove the package, but this is a hotfix and doesn't have a package name, so I can't use dism /remove-package, either.
      Does anybody have any other ideas how this can be done silently?
    • By cramaboule
      There is a great tool called ninite (www.ninite.com)
      The only problem is that it is not really 'silent'
      So I wrote this little script to make it silent (like /S or /Silent or /quiet)
      Just rename the downloaded 'Ninite ....... exe' into 'Ninite.exe' and place it into the same folder as the Ninite-silent.exe (my AutoIt prg) Run it and that's it !
      Link to my au3 and zip files here
      Also available here
      EDIT: Change link website!
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