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How to start CHM helpfile from script

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I can start a winhelp file from a script, but I would like to start a CHM file from a script (push the help button starts my help)

Run("MyHelp.chm") doesn't work

run(@comspec " /c start MyHelp.chm") doesn't work either

(With the older winhelpfiles I could do Run("Winhlp32.exe " & @ScriptDir & "\MyHelp.hlp", but I can't figure it out with CHM files ;)

Thx in advance


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Been searching whole evening on google, couldn't find this about hh.exe.

You're great ;) CyberSlug


The hh.exe program in the Windows folder is what opens chm files.

Run('hh.exe "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt.chm"') ;example

Run("hh.exe MyHelp.chm") ;should work for you

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