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play quicktime .mov files in separate window

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Hi people, i was wondering if its possible to have a window playing an introductory video while files are being copied, i'm aware a movie playing would slow down copying but is it possible?

I have the mov file, just no way yet of displaying it in a separate window

thanks for any help

Who needs puzzles when we have AutoIt!!

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There is command called GUICtrlCreateAvi . I am a newbie with only a few days experience at autoIt so I have no idea how to use this. But, you might be able to convert your MOV file to AVI and use this to play it. Also, search for ANYGUIv2.6.au3, it has a function to play AVI. I assume that since DivX is an AVI file that you could also play DivX files. MP4 files can also be put in an AVI container.

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Thanks for that, i've been playing with it altho i cant seem to get good compression,

or the audio included in the resulting avi

TMPENC encoder and a file called QTReader.vfp will dec ode a MOV file to an MPG, don't know if it will do it to an AVI though.. have a search through Google

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TMPGEnc will output uncompressed AVI. BUT, you do not want to do that. Uncompressed AVI is a very large file and most hard drives can not dump fast enough to play an uncompressed AVI without dropping frames, and you certainly could not load other files at the same time. You will need to use a compressed AVI file. Install DivX codec (get from> http://www.divx.com/divx/play/download/). Then download this file to experiment with: DivX_320x200-divx+112mp3.avi from> http://files.divx-digest.com/movies/logos/DivX-anim.zip. Good luck. Please post if you get something working.

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Sorry. I got an extra ) in the first URL. It should be http://www.divx.com/divx/play/download/ and the other link will work if you paste it into browser address window (for some reason it doesn't work when clicked on). It should open a download window to download the video. If you can get the AVI to play I can help you convert your MOV to an AVI file (there are lots of ways to do that).

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Yes, that link worked brilliantly. I downloaded it, and used RAD Video Tools to batch convert to both .avi & .wav

and using "Media UDF by Svennie I can now complete my project

Thanks for all your help, god I love this site and the help i get from it

Edited by Rick

Who needs puzzles when we have AutoIt!!

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Where did you find Media UDF by Svennie? Search doen't seem to find it.

Sorry my mistake, it wasnt Media.au3, it was a script by Kåre Johansson

to play a .mov file in a window.

altho i cant seem to get it to exit by itself afterwards


; Embedded Quicktime com obj player example

;by Kåre Johansson date 5.10.05

;need the QTPlugin.ocx plugin in system32 or in QuickTime\QTPlugin.ocx

;and probably the freeware quicktime packet as well - the plugin is part of the installation

#include "GUIConstants.au3"

Dim $w = 450,$h = 220

$obj = ObjCreate("QuickTime.QuickTime.4")

GUICreate("Embedded Quicktime player control Test", $w, $h,(@DesktopWidth-$w)/2, (@DesktopHeight-$h)/2 , BitOr($WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW,$WS_VISIBLE,$WS_CLIPSIBLINGS))

GUICtrlCreateObj( $obj, 0, 0 , $w , $h )


With $obj; object pool






While 1

$msg = GUIGetMsg()


Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE




$obj = 0; free the object



Who needs puzzles when we have AutoIt!!

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