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I'm having a problem using winmove with WordPerfect X5.

WordPerfect X5 is on top and is the active window. I run the following code

Opt("ExpandVarStrings", 1)
$WinTitle  = WinGetTitle("[active]")
$Err = WinMove ($WinTitle, "", 10, 10)
MsgBox (0, 'Move', "$WinTitle$ $Err$")

The WordPerfect window does NOT move and the msgbox shows:

$WinTitle= "WordPerfect X5 - Document 1"

$Err = 0, which means:  "Failure: 0 if the window is not found."


Any other program I've tried works fine. I then tried the following:

Opt("ExpandVarStrings", 1)
$WinTitle  = WinGetTitle("[active]")
$WinHandle = WinGetHandle( $WinTitle)
MsgBox (0, 'Handle', "$WinTitle$ $WinHandle$")

Again the msgbox showed $WinTitle= "WordPerfect X5 - Document 1"

$WinHandle = 0

So I now assume that WordPerfect does NOT respond to the standard windows commands. Any suggestions of a work-around, or am I missing something?



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Try putting 


at the top, and see if that has any effect.

Snips & Scripts

My Snips: graphCPUTemp ~ getENVvars
My Scripts: Short-Order Encrypter - message and file encryption V1.6.1 ~ AuPad - Notepad written entirely in AutoIt V1.9.4

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