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Best "free" VB.NET Code Analysis

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I've tried tons of Open-Source software, paid software, popular tools like ReSharper etc. to debug and reformat my last >5k human-written LOC project in VB.NET. This is hands-down the best tool for code analysis for VB.NET (and VB6, which is still very relevant): http://www.aivosto.com/project/project.html - Aivosto Oy Project Analyzer.

It might look old and outdated, but it surely isn't. I've tested this with a range of projects from VB6 to VB.NET 2013 and it works. The best part is, that it is free for any size of project (max. 10 source files), but if you want to load projects larger than 10 files, you have to pay the extra. I have only used the free version, the full license is ridiculously expensive.

It finds errors in Code and Style:

  • Dead procs, vars, consts, code
  • Rotten parameters
  • unreachable code
  • Gives style warnings (GoTo, Switch(), etc.)
  • Provides full reports
  • Provides call and code graphs
  • ...

I just wanted to mention this, as you might be looking for a tool like this and skip this, just because it looks "old". :)

I will answer every single PM, and you are free to ask anything anytime.

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