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[FF.au3] How to get javascript : console.log

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Hello sirs,

currently i am looking for a way to read console.log from a web page opened by FF.au3, here is my code.

when i manually browse facebook.com and open the console  ( F12 ) , i can see facebook message warn us from pasting anything there.

however when i try to get the console.log from FF.au3 the code just return this : function() {...}

thank you for the help

#include 'FF.au3'



If _FFIsConnected() Then
    $log = _FFCmd("window.console.log")
    If Not @error Then MsgBox(64,"Log:",$log)


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i just figure out, i just need to use :

javascript : window.document.title={data in console log}

and in autoit :

$sHref = _FFCmd(".title")
 If Not @error Then MsgBox(64,"Current href:",$sHref)


this seem a little dirty hack but it works in my case. thank everyone for help


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