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_Excel_Export function sheet selection doesn't work

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I'm a newbie into AutoIt and I'm running into some trouble lately. 

I'm running MS office 2010 and trying to use the _Excel_Export UDF to export a sheet in and excel workbook to a pdf. I keep getting an error = 2 code, which means I'm not declaring my sheet properly. I tried the following:

  • Sheet name: "Simple Invoice Dutch"
  • Sheet number: 1
  • Sheet id: "Sheet1"

The only object selection that works is giving a cell range, which is fine by me if there is another UDF that allows me to activate a certain sheet of an excel workbook. There used to be a function called _ExcelSheetActivate, but since I updated my Autoit installation to the latest version, this function doesn't work anymore. (is not recognised by SciTE

I guess I'm missing out on something important since I've lost a bunch of excel functions with my last update and in return received a few new ones like the export functionality.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

I included the file in the attachment.

Auto print invoice Dutch.au3

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It would be better if you could put the code on your post using code tags (<>).   That said, there is an excellent Wiki that Water maintains - it shows all the UDF changes including _ExcelSheetActivate (click to follow the link).  Also, look at the examples for _Excel_RangeRead.  You can reference a sheet from the function:

; ***************************************************************************** 
; Read the formulas of a cell range on sheet 2 of the specified workbook 
; ***************************************************************************** 
Local $aResult = _Excel_RangeRead($oWorkbook, 2, "A1:C1", 2)

Can you post the error message from the Scite console?  Also, what do you see in the console if you add this second line of code?:

Local $sOutput = @DesktopDir & "\" & $sResult & ".pdf"


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