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    • By AdmiralAlkex
      Add your username for Twitch and/or Hitbox (empty string to skip) to the settings.ini file and it'll alert you when the people you are following goes online.
      Uses Livestreamer for playback if available (highly recommended) otherwise opens in your browser.
      In comparison to similar scripts that I have seen posted here, this takes your username and pulls the people you are already following instead of having you manually entering everyone again, greatly simplifying things.
      The Twitch and Hitbox API's were largely implemented by glancing at the python-twitch and Hitboxy python libs.
      Forum thread.
    • By suckinsyn
      Hey there guys. I've got a problem, can somebody tell me how to check if someone said a predefined command on Twitch.tv chat? I am trying to make a info bot for my friend. 
      stream is online as well as the info-bot is running
      random viewer says "!playlist" and my bot respons with something like "playlist link: blah blah blah"
      of course, there will be anti-flood protection and so on
      I just need this one thing, the rest I can guess/find myself :-)
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