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Set a pic control on-top

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i have tried everything i can think of to set one pic on-top of the other. they were created in reverse and seem to want to display in the order created...( i could fix that ) but i will nedd to set one on top of the other later... and i dont want to "hide" the pic below

For $x = 13 To 1 Step -1
    GuiCtrlSetState($Hearts_[$x],$GUI_ENABLE + $GUI_SHOW)
    $pos_2 = $pos_2 + 20
    $pos_1 = $pos_1 + 40




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I'm not sure, but i think this is not implemented yet (I mean like putting objects in front or back)

What about recreating the picture you want in the front, delete the old one and make a new one so its in the front? but i think hiding the one in the front would be easier...

i wont post code for what i suggested since you are really a AutoIt pro ( B) )..... nah, the real reason why i don't post code is because im too lazy at 11:30pm^^

Felix N.

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