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Powercycling the power control in Hamachi

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WinActivate("LogMeIn Hamachi")
ControlSend("LogMeIn Hamachi","","Power","{SPACE}")
WinSetState("LogMeIn Hamachi","",@SW_MINIMIZE)

I have a client that is using Hamachi to remote access her office PC from home with VNC. There is an issue where the clients in the Hamachi network will randomly stop communicating with the rest of the Hamachi network group. The quick fix is to log into teamviewer and click the power button and let hamachi "power off" and then power it back on. This usually fixes it. I had her pay the $29 annual fee thinking that the problems would go away but they haven't. I made the above script and it does power off the machine and I can run it again to turn it back on but I would like to do it without having to activate the Hamachi window and then power cycling it then minimizing it. Also I would like to get notified if there is a client in the Hamachi window that is on the net but cannot connect. The difference in the GUI is that the client is flagged as red if they cannot connect, green if everything is ready and grey/white if they are offline. Any assistance on this is appreciated. Yes the above code works to power the hamachi network on and if I run it again it will power it off.

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Get Scite to add a popup when you use a 3rd party UDF -> http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/SciTE4AutoIt3/user-calltip-manager.html

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Well the solution to the first issue is simple, all you have to do is ControlSend 2 times without the rest

ControlSend("LogMeIn Hamachi","","Power","{SPACE}")
ControlSend("LogMeIn Hamachi","","Power","{SPACE}")

ill look into the other issue tho i think its not easy/possible to get pixels without focus.

instead why don't you check Hamachi log file maybe it can tell you if somebody is on the network and cant connect. i cant test it because my other computer is not currently working.


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