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DllCall to a Non Windows DLL

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I' am just exploring the posibility of DllCall(ing).

I am totally not experienced in this area.

But some other members are wondering too, if it is possible to do DllCall's on non Windows DLL's.

Probably it is posible ?

Can someone point us out, how to get started on this ?

I have been following the DLLCalling threads for a while.

And noticed that MSDN is a good resource for the Windows DLL's.

But where to look for the others ?

Are there any tools that could be used, to explore the posibilities of a non windows Dll, relating to DllCalling.

Or does this road ends up, in a dead end ?

Any advise will be appreciated, and prevents some of us wasting a lot of time.

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afaik all dlls that are __declspec'd can be called.

Thats not really true. I rarely use __declspec(dllexport) anymore and just use a module definition file to define my exports.

ptrex, if writing your own DLL's, they need to use the __stdcall calling convention. If trying to use somebody else's DLL, they will have to provide documentation so you can get the parameters correct. Virtually any function exported from any DLL is call-able provided you know the arguments it will accept. And no, there is no utility which will tell you what the arguments are. If you don't have the source or don't have the documentation, you're on your own figuring things out (not recommended).

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Thanks for the clear feedback on this.

So I guess I will have to go and look for some documentation.

I have an other conseptual question regarding using dynamic functions in AutoIT.

I might be dreaming by clear daylight, but you'll never know.

But I'll make a new thread for it.

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