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    • By MightyMalcolm
      Hello everyone,
      I am not 100% sure how to phrase my problem so I'm sorry if the issue has been addressed elsewhere. Here is my situation: I have added a file called MyStartup.exe (generated by AutoIt) to the list of programmes to launch on startup via the Windows registry on my laptop. As soon as it is running, this file will display a 3 minutes (tooltip) countdown and in the end call Run("Another.exe"). The latter is an AutoIt script, too. Among other things, it contains a few SoundPlay() commands, but for some reason, there is no sound coming at all! Strangely, however, when i manually run the MyStartup.exe and let it do its job, THEN the Another.exe plays sounds properly.
      I can only guess what might be the matter here, since the same procedure (autostart) works fine on my other PC.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated
    • By rm65453
      I have a script that alerts every 1 hour with a wav file. It was working for a week and now this week it has stopped working.
      here is the sound loop code
      Send ("{VOLUME_UP}") _SetMasterVolumeLevel(0) Local $aSound = _SoundOpen("path\deliveryalert.wav") SoundPlay($aSound, 1) _SoundClose($aSound) $DeliveryFlag = 1  
      I have confirmed that the loop still runs at the designated time, just the file does not play.
    • By TheAutomator
      Hello programmers 
      it's been awhile since my last topic but I stumbled on something strange..
      make an Autoitscript and put this in it:
      soundplay("file.wav",1) then make a bunch of folders inside of other folders and put the script with the wav file into the deepest folder:
      new folder000new folder001new folder002new folder003new folder003new folder005new folder006new folder007new folder008new folder009new folder010my_autoitscript.au3 file.wav
      then try to play the sound file with your autoitscript...
      the sound does not play but if i place the script with the sound file a few folders up, it works.
      hope you can help me and thanks for reading my post,
    • By johnmcloud
      Like title, i'm searching into the forum but i don't have find anything, so i'm posting a new thread

      Example script:

      SoundPlay("2_minute_song.mp3",0) Sleep(5000) If SoundPlay_isActive() Then MsgBox(0,0,"Song is running") Else MsgBox(0,0,"Song isn't running") EndIf Func SoundPlay_isActive() ;put a function here EndFunc
      There is a way to recognize if SoundPlay is active or not?
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